Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lullaby to bergen

Festplassen, Bergen. Thursdag night. Lullaby to Bergen.


Molz said...

Hello, nice work! It would have been much more nicer if you had more final work on display ;) it seems like I saw this blog a little too late, I wonder if you still check it?

Anyway, I'm an architecture student doing my thesis this year in Glasgow, Scotland and have so far explored very similar themes to what you have done for your research (multiculturalism, assimilation and all that). I wonder if you could get in touch for a slightly longer conversation about what you have done?


Birgitte Juliussen Haug said...

Alex, thank you for your feedback. The idea is to post the final work, however I am travelling at the moment, and the addition will only be made once I´m back, some months from now.

I´d like a conversation. It would have to be after my travel though, since I´m without computer/Internet most of the time. You can find my profile on facebook for easier communication.


Molz said...

Sure - Have fun in your travels!

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