Monday, March 15, 2010

My minds eye sees when my vision is inpaired

In the same line as the previous entry this picture was taken at Store Lungegårdsvann. Suddenly we were surprised by a snow storm so dense that we could not see clearly ahead, forget about the other side of the lake. Still images of the place reside deep inside our subconscious always reminding us of the situation. I observed these images of a "normal" day presented on a screen before my minds eye.

These are the same images/thoughts that make up our conceptual map of reality, and that which allows us to run on "autopilot", as discussed in my social anthropology text. It makes no justice to refer to them as mere images, because they not only carry visual memory, but all sensory input related to a situation or place. Many would however claim, myself included, that we see also with our sense of smell, touch etc. In the same way we touch, smell etc. with our vision. I just read an article about a research done proving communication between the sense of touch and the sense of vision. Stimulation of the sense of touch got a feed back response in the test subject vision, and vice versa.

This article "How we feel affect what we see" points to a study referring to a new layer of perception. Not only do we have pre made concepts/images/thoughts about relations, these concepts are modified by the way that we feel in the moment. Many people might relate to this, but this study that was published in 2009 was the first to prove it. The study states that a person with negative emotions get more concentrated, whilst one with positive emotions get more distracted. Also the perspective of those with negative emotions gets more local, whilst those with positive emotions get a more global perception. In other words being positive broadens the view, being negative has the opposite result. Researchers hypothesise that this is directly linked to actual vision and how we process images in the brain.

Evolutionary this is explained by fight modus and relax modus. In our society we should never have to be in fight modus, according to me.

"In psychology,
the broaden-and build theory holds that positive emotions enhance one's awareness, and that this global perspective encourages novel thoughts and actions. This broadened behavioural repertoire in turn leads to increased creativity and inventiveness." Which is what we want more of.


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