Friday, March 19, 2010

Population statistics: Persons with refugee background

"Approximately 143 000 persons with a refugee background were living in Norway on 1 January 2009. More than half had Asian backgrounds. The two largest groups were persons from Iraq and Somalia.

Out of the total population with refugee backgrounds almost 73 per cent have come to Norway as principal applicants and 23 per cent as dependents. With a total of 18 700 persons, Iraqis make up the largest group. The second largest group consists of persons with a Somali background (16 700).

At 1 January 2009, 58 per cent of the persons with a refugee background had Norwegian citizenship. The percentage varies from 11 per cent for people with a Russian background to 90 per cent for people from Vietnam. Length of residence is largely responsible for the difference since a person should, as a rule, be resident in Norway for at least 7 years before a Norwegian citizenship can be granted.

Male refugees were overrepresented, with around 9 300 more men than women as at 1 January 2009.

A total of 50 per cent of the persons with a refugee background were aged 20-39. Only 5 per cent belonged to the age group 60 years or older.

A total of 53 per cent of the persons with a refugee background have been residents in Norway for less than 10 years.

Oslo was still the county with the most residents with a refugee background; 40 300 persons. That is 28 per cent of the whole population with a refugee background, and 7 per cent of the city’s total population.

The definition "person with refugee background" refers to persons resident in Norway who have come to Norway because of flight (family included). Children born in Norway by persons with a refugee background are not included."

Source: Statistics Norway


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