Monday, March 15, 2010

What is "real"?

On a very cloudy night some days ago I shot this image from my living room window up in the Sandviken mountains. The view to the sea was completely obscured by the misty air and the surrounding buildings reflected themselves in my windows. However magical the mind still knows what is really "real". It knows, from experience, what the landscape really is like, and does not get afraid by this temporary coat. Still it looked like this for a moment, and the atmosphere got us lighting candles in tune with the outside expression, and feelings matching what we saw emerged in us. Where do I end and what is outside me begin? The borders are blurry. We are one. I am constantly moulded by my surroundings. I imagine forever living in such a landscape - the constant "me" would be quite different. My perception of reality would be something else.


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