Friday, April 16, 2010

DAV (Den Andre Verda // The Other World)

I had a little drawing session with Naeem today, exploring the potential of linseed oil and pencil. Also used in piece: water crayons, oil crayons, coffee, transparent tape, double adhesive tape and port-wine.

The photos are somewhat more pink than the original.

Picture 1: Against the wall.

Picture 2: Light from window coming through where linseed oil is applied.

Picture 3: The backside of the drawing against light source (window)


Olla said...

very nice!

vibeke jensen said...

nice drawings birgitte!
now: can you apply this to the spring cleaning?
seems to be a core in the drawings
how can you translate some of these qualities to your project? write your ideas on top, draw som lines and connections - use some maylar(matpapir)/ tape and layer some information/make some connections to your program. as far as i am concerned - it is all the same world and this is the challenge!

laura said...


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