Friday, April 16, 2010

Resumé guidance with André March 15th (in studio)

Three levels of investigation:
- Conceptual
- Analysis
- always change between these modes of investigation. You don't spend a lot of time on analysis, finish it and then do project - you jump between these during the process

- It's much easier if you choose a problem - you can change later if no good.
- define a platform (concept) that you always come back to after investigating in DAV, analysis or concept
- 'you are in a boat, dive in the ocean to find something, but you must always come back up to the surface to breathe, othervice you die'
-Choose keywords
- see importance of different elements - choose the most important
- some elements could be good, but for now are not so important
- change in next step if necessary
- define place - define problem

- Humour
- when communicating with others with different perception humour can be a helpful element to open up a situation
- how can I use this in architecture?
- humour can be about precision and definition of spaces
- it was not mentioned so much during the guidance, but something I continued to things about later in the evening

Mini workshop - defining concept. Work with this on Friday morning a little. In afternoon meet with André and his other student, present 2 minutes.

1 - 5 keywords
- what do you want to achieve, goals

2 - 5 actions
- which actions can be an answer to achieve the goals

3 - Object
- now you can know what kind of object you will make
- ask questions to guide you to a spesific location (use actions and keywords)

4 - Logo
- make a simple logo, some lines - that say a lot


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