Thursday, April 15, 2010

Resumé guidance with Vibeke April 14th (skype)

Creating scenarios
- sum up thoughts in relationship with scenarios
- make readable to others
- thoughts about BIKS rehabilitation
- abstract map of ideas
- be done with some discussions
- sort main choices. establish conclusion. visualize choices already made
- whick scenarios for building?
- establish key words
- define set of expressions that you use in relation to work. define meaning of expressions
- 'confrontation'
- 'time' - what is it that is important about time
- availiability (-> library...) places have expressed degree of public/private
- what do we share? food... what else?
- decide what to use in project
- diagrams (bobble diagrams)
- deconstruct expressions:
- multicultural
- intercultural
- transcultural etc
-make decision to what you will investigate
-how will that be expressed, set premisses, in organization of building

Working with diagrams
- comment on diagrams, give name
- organize input
- how long are you an immigrant
- to what extent is this a common space?
- staticity/elasticity of objects
-relationship city-common space
- migrationmap from blog
- arrows, circles
- plandrawing for such a place (hint of program)
- areas that overlap
- if this is a building it has many entrances
- north pole in middle - Bergen is almost like north pole. in middle of map

What is the architecture of transcultural space?
- where in Bergen are there arenas for this kind of activities? Look at Fantoft
- map where the environments meet in Bergen
- is there a place that tells what is on?
- meeting place
- what is missing? what do you want? what is already there?
- new ideas compare to these answers. make big questions always present
- what are the time frames for building?
- built all in one or over time?

About program
- how to make program. where, how, process/time
- list of key words. what are main key words? input, meanings, consequences
- research this type of center (intercultural)
- information board? type of structure that is not there already
- infrastructure, how to get information
- SPRINGCLEAN (for the May queen)
- remember why you clean
- cleaning for place, name, why...
- make clear
- what can I concretely offer that has to do with integration?
- what can be done over time - persons, meetings you cannot see today
- make visual without exposing
- uppercase, lowercase
- how to relate to secrecy
- if something is secret must everything be secret?
- open up for transparancy without eliminating right to secrecy
- who are organizing?
- identify what you are talking about
- e.g. food... kitchen... who makes food? fireplace or hi-tech? degree of participation, visual exposure
- life in itself is a process (only), we don't sit in little boxes
- BIKS, no fluidity between boxes
- hard to meet BIKS.
- Bergen municipality lost interest in immigrants and that work
- FRP, many want to close borders
- I must define where I stand -> apply to architecture
- difference between temporary and permanent stay
- poles that come to work
- organize, decide functions, how much of the problematics will I bring with me? how meet architecture and program
- then next step
- many have needs to meet others from same country. to get in contact
- a meeting place for the whole world. is about getting contact with the whole world

- BAS people from all over the world
- interview of experience coming from outside to inside
- prepare before interview
- combine intentions (to fluer i en smekk)
- sound recording & get more contacts from BIKS

Concrete ideas how to integrate in building
- installation idea
- make soundwall in project
- attraction
- sound showers
- lydgalleriet Bergen (previous project make your own cd)
- architecture is many things
- space for communication - also skype
- people want to communicate.
- telephone, touch...
- use techinical methods that are not site specific to a specific place
- architecture is frame - at the place architecture is not what is happening, but actions
- combine high tech and low tech. tactile qualities of the low tech with the posibilities in high tech

Finally don't be to broad, loose. Squeeze problematic now. Can loosen up again later if needed.


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