Thursday, July 8, 2010

Calm water

Calm water. From one of the old stairs by the water at Nøstet. View on YouTube for correct proportions.


Antonio said...

Interesting. A living-active bottom section and a dead upper area. Just wondering why we used to think in the other way around, life 'over' dead

Birgitte Juliussen Haug said...

Thank you for the comment Antonio, and that's a very nice observation very much related to how I deal with water in my project :)

Antonio said...

yep... I can easily notice that, it seems very interesting and novel (at least for my understanding) the way that you are working with water in your project. I wish I know a bit more a bit fluids or physical oceanography, but I'm just a simple biological oceanographer :)
From my side now I will start to be closer to the 'alive' section... holidays starting tomorrow!

Good luck with your project.

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