Thursday, July 8, 2010

Concept model 2 of bath - difference in temperature

This is a concept model made just after my last talk with my tutors. The fluffy mass that enters the bulb represents warm space, the rugged bulb is an embracing skin. Between the insides of the bulb and the walls of the warm space is a cool space. Here enters water from the sea. There is an opening in the top letting in sunlight from above. Also rainwater enters here and runs down the outside walls of the warm internal space.

On the bottom picture can be seen the cuts made in the façade to let in additional light into the cold space. Reference to the video posted earlier. After more investigation turns out that this kind of light happens when reflected light from the sea breaks on a reflective surface (could be glass or some kind of metal). In the break the light is thrown at a specific angle on inside walls, always changing with the angle the sunlight hits the water surface.


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