Thursday, July 8, 2010

Concept model 7 - entering situation

This model is further investigating the entering situation with the bridge, as found in the previous model. The bridge has a generous size, two meters wide in this 1:100 scale model. As it touches land it splits somewhat and allows for a less dominant role on the port side. In the cracks wild grass from the site is allowed to grow. Pictures from site will come. Also this model shows how the same vegetation is found on the body of the structure, and on the land leading up to the bath. The surrounding area leading from the road to the bath I propose not to be planned for buildings, but to have a sea side park with the kind of flora natural to the place. This park area will have different situations, some benches, larger or smaller areas for hanging out and enjoying the atmosphere. This also creates a whole new entry/exit to the city for those using the coastal steamer. The natural landscape of Norway is not the renaissance parks found in the central area of Bergen. I am inspired by the renovation of the elevated rail road, now park, in NY.


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