Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Existence self-explains

I am different from you. It's not a critique, it's just like that. I sit on a slightly different background, observing from a slightly different angle. Still we share this place and this existence.

Pictures from tiny beach in Sandviken, Bergen, last week.


Tarjei said...

Hi! I was just so fascinated about your blog! Who are you and what are you doing? I know you are an architeckture student in Bergen, but what more, do you have a picture... hehe! I love the concept of suchness. It's a beautiful concept to discribe what is by the mere quality of being what it is. I have a blog of my own (in Norwegian) where I try to write meaningful and personal things.
i studied in bergen (philosophy)half a year in 2008. it's a nice city. - with kind regards, tarjei

Birgitte J.H. said...

Tarjei, thank you for your post, it was a really nice surprise to see that someone outside friends, tutors and fellow students has been visiting my blog :) I created this blog for the work I do on my master thesis.

As a process of integrating my role as an architect with my meditation practice I am investigating how built space can promote awareness about the self, basically. Keys words that are present for my project now are sensitivity, time/tempo and tactility.

I took the liberty to search your name on facebook... something about it that seemed familiar. I dunno if it's a coincidence, but we have 4 friends in common. Well, the meditation circle in Norway is small anyway...

Please comment more if you have any thoughts!

Best, B

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