Friday, May 14, 2010

Seeing Øvre Skostredet

The plot is behind those trees. In between this white building and the peach one in the back of the image.
Looking into Øvre Skostredet towards Skostredet.
The plot behind the fence. And below in between houses, seen from Skostredet.
These are images that GoogleEarth took last summer looking into Øvre Skostredet and they are interesting because the GoogleEarth car can only move along streets, much like pedestrians are led by visual signs in the city, a car is led by signs and guided by surfaces. Many people probably don't know that this place exists, because there is "nothing there", however it is located in a quiet but popular area that has flourished the last years with art, culture and café-life. It is a place in town which is in-between areas, the powerful line of municipal buildings has cut the harbor area away from the Marken area. Also busy roads following the Bergen mountainside grid the city up in areas, and areas between these roads become one identity.


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