Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The bath

Yesterday I made this first concept model of the bath at Nøstet. Main elements are a more closed entrance space, represented by white cube, where changing of clothes happens. Could also have more elements such as after bath relaxation space. A main platform stretches from this space through to the bath, which is a translucent space, and out on the other side of the bath. The dressing space is halfway hanging off the pier. The bath has drowned in the ocean, its walls going down into the water. The walls of the bath allows daylight to enter during the day and like a light tower it lights up during the night. It is not transparent enough to allow silhouettes to shine through to the outside.

I suggest a modern kind of bath which is a lot to do with the sense of water in Bergen. A place where you can experience waves and the salt water, because it is that which is entering the enclosed bath space. The openings are big enough to let the motion of the ocean come through, however I must look at this if I need filters to take away oil from the sea. In the same big bath space are smaller tubs with hot water.

At one place there is a sauna aswell.

To be with people, and to see people, in this situation, is a very humble meeting. It is very tactile and bodily. The space is large. Sound of water hitting surfaces. Play of light.


vibeke jensen said...

nice images you paint,
within each volume consider
different degrees of exposure, intimacy, large groups, small groups, individuals, strangers
ability to choose, approach naturally
meeting over different qualities of water
enclosed/open, small/large, calm/lively
a lot of things to explore...

Birgitte Juliussen Haug said...

Thank you for comments Vibeke. Today I was at the site listening to the water and other sounds at that place. Will start working on larger model and diagrams after completing some organization needed to make my process more readable ;) (comment after 3rd confrontation)

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