Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This is also why bath

Upper right side of sketch: The way I perceive it informal meetings between different cultures/social class/etc. happen in Bergen mostly between boy/girl, typically in a bar/something similar, in the weekends, and many times involves alcohol. It is something about the meeting that happen under influence of alcohol that doesn't justify either. Meetings otherwise within ones sex happens often with people from similar background. This only strengthens ones locked idea of reality, since these people tend to have similar opinions, perceptions etc. as yourself. It's hard to r e a l l y understand that no one a c t u a l l y perceives what you do, although mistakenly it can seam like it on the surface.

Lower right side: A bath is an activity that can attract young, old, sick etc. and they can all use it at the same time! I suggest that the bath is sex segregated. For example Mondays for women, Tuesdays for men, Wednesdays for families.... or something like that.

Lower left side: diagram of division of space in Turkish hamam and Roman thermae. I am also going to check out Japanese bath and the traditional baths in Bergen to create a modern bath.


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